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How we estimate your property price for sale or rent

The market price of your property will be determined by an agent who has expertise and knowledge of your area so that he can accurately advise you on the selling or renting price.  The agent will take the location, the plot size, the interior finishes, and comparable properties into consideration as well as the unique features of your property, such as the courtyard, garden, swimming pool, and more.

Our valuations are a free service to help each seller and landlord have sufficient information to start the process.

Why do I need a valuation

Obtaining a professional and accurate price for your property is of utmost importance because placing your property on the market whether to sell or rent at the right price means that you will obtain results in a shorter period.

We are here to guide you on the value of your property and it is up to you to take the final decision as to what price you place your property on the market for, however, if a property is overpriced, you will find that you may have wasted time and it is unlikely to sell or rent.