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About Us

About Us

About us

Real estate is a powerful thing. Where you choose to live becomes the center of your world, your "home" where memories are made

Our culture is the sum of our shared values, our vision, and our purpose. Altogether we shape the way we work and how we run the business. We have strong views on our values to ensure that we can achieve our long-term goal of customer loyalty and brand strength. This is the key to our philosophy and we strive each and every day to reinforce our culture throughout our teams.

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37 Years

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Sara Grech Team

Through our common values, we are a united team that is committed to warrant that our business is inclusive and diverse, by giving every individual the space and opportunity to perform their best and are recognized for the value they add and bring.

Sara Grech is a great place to work, and we believe that our open approach ensures that we achieve the best possible outcomes and experiences for our clients.

Our Founder

Sara Grech

Sara Grech

Founder and Chairperson

You know the name of an estate agency, but who is the person behind the company?

Born in Malta in 1964 to a Maltese father and a Lebanese mother, Sara is one of five siblings. At the age of 13, Sara went to boarding school in the UK and then moved on to New Orleans, Louisiana to complete her O and A levels. She studied Hospitality Management at the University of San Francisco, returned to Malta, and formed the Company, Sara Grech in 1987. In 2004 she obtained her master’s degree in strategic management from Maastricht.


A mother of three adults, Benjamin, Semira, Hannah, and a grandmother to Louie. “Whilst being a parent you look to ensure your children develop good manners, self-control, and respect, as a grandparent you can take your focus off these responsibilities of discipline and chores and just simply have fun,” says Sara.


Sara enjoys spending her free time out with Louie and looks forward to her time with him. “The memories you get to create with a grandchild are cherished forever.” she goes on to say.


Sara notes that real estate has changed enormously since she started. The majority of business owners in the industry though haven’t. There are still more men leaders, and as a female leader, Sara makes it a point to speak publicly about women’s roles and opportunities, about growth, and paving the way for women’s rise to leadership. Sara feels that the clash between family and work priorities is the biggest issue facing women in the local workforce. Women still perform most domestic and child responsibilities, even when both spouses work full-time. “I brought up three children and it was sheer determination that drove me to do what I did, rather than staying at home. I could have stayed home if I wanted to, but I didn’t. It would have been much easier if I had, but I was never one to choose the easy path,” says Sara.


Sara’s advice for women in the workforce: “I hope that young aspiring female entrepreneurs will begin their careers knowing that compromise between living a well-rounded life and high performance is hard but not difficult. Our performance improves if we commit to working hard and understanding and knowing when to find time to ‘recharge’ ourselves.”


Sara says she is still focused on the business as she is on the other parts of her life – and enjoyment certainly factors into that. “I have never gone to work to earn money, but because I loved it and wanted to accomplish something,” she says. “I hope that that is how I will be remembered: as having made people happy – whether by giving them an exciting career or selling them the house of their dreams. I hope to have made other people as happy as this career has made me.”

Why buy or rent property in Malta & Gozo

Buying Malta real estate may be one of the best property ventures that you could do in Europe

Historically, real estate in Malta & Gozo has been an important factor in our economic growth and even though we have had a disruption brought about by the pandemic, the property industry remains resistant enough. The National Statistics Office shows an increasing demand.  The economy in Malta grew by 9.4% in 2021 and growth in 2022 is projected to see further growth of 5.4% according to the European Commission.

Property prices in Malta and Gozo are affordable and buying in Malta is safe and simple. Once you find the property of your choice, and the price and conditions are agreed upon, the agent will put you in touch with a notary to sign a promise of sale (POS) between the buyer, and the seller. The normal timeframe between the POS and the contract is around three to four months to give the notary ample time to conduct the necessary research and if the case may be, organize bank finance.

The islands are a great option for those looking to live in a safe environment and stable country to invest in. For non-EU nationals, we have locations that fall under the “Special designated areas (SDA)” which means that a non-EU citizen may buy more than one property within these developments.  When purchasing property in an SDA, the non-EU citizen is not required to obtain an “Application for immovable property (AIP)” from the local government”.

Administration Team

Mandy Farrell Agius

Mandy Farrell Agius

Accounts Administrator

Hannah Grech

Hannah Tabone Grech

Administrative Director

Jodeon Azzopardi

Jodeon Azzopardi

Photographer, Videographer & Digital Media Specialist