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Who We Are

About Sara Grech, Intro to Rebrand, Brief History

Businesswoman, CEO of one of Malta’s leading estate agencies, founder and chairman of The Service Guide Dogs Malta Foundation, and an influential woman of change.

Sara Grech Real Estate was established in 1985 when Sara was 21.  Sara Grech has made a name for herself not only as a leading real estate agency in Malta but also as the only one that is female-led and the only one that co-branded with a world-renowned German brand in residential, commercial real estate, and yachting.

Initially, she studied Hospitality Management at the University of San Francisco. However, upon her visit to Malta in 1985, she decided to stay in Malta to pursue her career in real estate, following in her father’s footsteps who was one of the first real estate agents locally. Real Estate has changed enormously since she started. Most business owners in the industry are still men, and as a female leader, Sara makes it a point to speak publicly about women’s roles and opportunities, about growth and paving the way for women’s rise to leadership.

Sara holds a degree in business administration and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Throughout her career, Sara’s top priority has always been empowering people to write their own success stories.

Sara Grech is a privately owned company and is proud to be a household name. The company has through the years, acquired thorough local knowledge, and is made up of motivated professional agents who help people find the right choice in property. We represent the brand with the utmost integrity and work hard to deliver exceptional service and great results, for our customers. We always aim to help turn your real estate dream into a reality. We understand that dealing in buying/selling/renting/leasing property is more than just a business transaction. Homes are where we choose to live and to create those precious memories together and which we carry for a lifetime. This is the reason why nothing is more important than the needs and goals of our clients.


Why choose SARA GRECH

“Wherever you want to move – we are already there.” We are passionate about fulfilling even the most demanding property requests. Our experienced real estate agents are on hand. So, no matter where you are, you can rely on us to take care of your property needs on an individual basis with the utmost professionalism. You are welcome to take us up on that!

As a leading player in the brokerage of premium residential property, SARA GRECH has more than 35 years of experience with a highly qualified and dedicated team of real estate experts committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. This commitment is based on the company’s core values of communication, dedication, and transparency.

Our Purpose is to assist buyers/tenants, and sellers/landlords achieve the best results.

Our Vision is to be a quality-class business trusted to assist customers to accomplish their wishes.

Our Values

  • Think creatively
  • Respect people
  • Excellence through detail

In addition to many years of experience in the local property market, dealing successfully with our international customers also requires more than just market expertise, which is why our agents are multilingual so you can be sure that we speak your language. Regular in-depth training is provided to ensure that our level of expertise is maintained and enhanced by focusing on changes and trends in the local property market. This directly benefits our customers as up-to-date knowledge of the market is the prerequisite for making optimal property buying decisions. Our individually tailored full-service approach is pivotal to our mission of guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we value your property?

Your property valuation. Whether you are selling or renting out your property, discovering the property’s accurate value in the market is essential and your first step into your journey.

What is my property worth? Our Sara Grech expert will use his thorough knowledge of the market to accurately identify how much your property is worth whether you wish to sell or rent.

Establishing the value of your property is essential for several reasons. Obtaining a professional opinion on how much your property is worth will give you the information you need to appropriately place your property on the market, whether you are selling or renting. The right price allows you to enjoy the journey rather than making it a daunting experience. The accurate price gives you the opportunity to achieve your results within a shorter period to be able to move with ease.

List your property with Sara Grech

Exclusive listings are our speciality

We proactively market your property to our large client database with over 9000 buyers/tenants. We also have an outsourced cutting-edge digital marketing supplier for Google and social media with an innovative matching approach. Our properties feature on external property sites. Exclusivity is a customized service to achieve the best price in the shortest amount of time. From discreet to high reach, our marketing tools target the right buyers and tenants.

Personal silent marketing: Specifically approaching selected customers based on defined search criteria. Personal presentation of your property exposé before the initial public marketing phase commences.

Digital marketing: SG website, SG newsletter, content marketing, search engine marketing, online marketplaces

Content marketing: Maximum marketing efficiency via social media channels with targeted links

Open house, Sale signs: Commands attention from specific locations, on-site support with planning viewings

Shop display: In-shop display, shop events, search customer consultation

Direct marketing: mailing campaigns in the selected locations

Pivo is your personal photographer Pivo Tour simplifies creating high-quality 360 views of your listings using your smartphone, no expertise required. And the tours are created instantly in minutes so you can post them as fast as you can capture them.

Online property marketplace: Property positioned on renowned real estate platforms

SG Network: Private office for the most discerning standards run by Sara Grech

We look forward to turning the sale or lease of your property into a success. 

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