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It's time to Go Exclusive!

If you are thinking of selling get in touch to discuss our Exclusive listings.

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Why go Exclusive?

We take selling your property seriously.

Each property listed with Sara Grech is incredibly important to us. We understandhomeowners and assure them of priority rather than being just another number on an agent’slist of properties to sell. 

Exclusivity means that our agents are highly motivated to demonstrate reliability and worktowards a quicker and better basis for negotiation. Sellers having an Exclusive mandateprovides them with a premium service, with the aim to achieve a sale for the best market pricein the shortest time possible. 

What is Exclusivity?

Exclusivity means that our agents are highly motivated to demonstrate reliability and work towards a quicker and better basis for negotiation. Having an Exclusive mandate provides you with a premium service, the aim to achieve a sale for the best market price in the shortest time possible.

Exclusivity rate: 5% + VAT – six (6) months

General Mandate Exclusive Mandate
Professional photoshoot
Facebook Posting
Facebook Boosting
LinkedIn Post
Website Listing
Lounge Display
Overseas Cross-Selling
Best market price
Featured on global portals
For Sale Banner / Board / For Rent
For Sale Sticker / For Rent
Team Viewings
Dedicated Flyers
Website Blog Post
Website Page
Dedicated Open Day  
E- Brochure
3D Walkthrough (PIVO)

Reasons for Exclusivity
  • Privacy will not be compromised (discretion) 
  • One contact – one focused marketing strategy 
  • Only one contact eases trust – strong relationship is important for sale negotiation
  • Elimination of over-exposure and negative effect of being ‘known‘ or seen everywhere
  • Highest market price, as there is no price reduction due to oversupply
  • Property keeps exclusive and therefore “special’ in the mind of customers
  • Controlled access by prospective purchasers (organised viewings)
  • Increased motivation and committed service
  • Constant feedback during the mandate period

Our Special Commitment to the Seller/s
  • Banners and/or Stickers
  • Dedicated social media posts and reels
  • Dedicated Flyers
  • E-Brochure
  • Exposure on SG Website
  • Featured on Global Portal 
  • Lounge Display
  • Newsletter
  • Overseas Cross-Selling
  • Open Day (If required)
  • Professional Market Valuation 
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • PIVO virtual reality walkthrough
  • Team Viewings
  • Website Blog Post and/or Dedicated Page
  • 6-month Exclusive Contract (minimum period)

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