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7th February 2023
3 min read

Sara Grech Accepts Crypto Exchange for Real Estate Transactions

Buyers and investors will now be able to purchase properties from Sara Grech with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether after agreeing a partnership with licensed Swiss exchange, XEROF.

Crypto has crashed like a wave on the world of Real Estate, but the tide has been rising for well over a decade.

Created in 2009 by a collective of anonymous cryptography and computer science experts under the alias "Satoshi Nakamoto", the early years of Bitcoin were steeped in mystery and speculation. However, today’s landscape shows a very different picture; from balance sheets in boardrooms to the auction of digital art pieces, cryptocurrencies are everywhere.

The very first Bitcoin Real Estate purchase was recorded in Texas, 2017. The agent representing the buyer was quoted saying, "In all of my 33 years of closing transactions, I honestly couldn't have expected something so unique to go so smoothly. In a matter of 10 minutes, the Bitcoin was changed to US Dollars and the deal was done!"

Sara Grech says that the decision to accept crypto reflects a clear desire for innovative payment methods from buyers, “Crypto is a reality that we all have to face, whether we’re ready or not. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity for buyers and investors who want to do crypto sales in a legal, transparent way.”

The pool of potential buyers is growing and acceptance for cryptocurrencies is increasing. There are now tens of thousands of Bitcoin network participants who hold the equivalent of more than $1mn in their digital wallets, globally. It’s hard to find an accurate number of crypto-users based in Malta, but with the iGaming industry continuing to prosper - cryptocurrency is definitely becoming a currency that’s here to stay.

How can I buy a property from Sara Grech with cryptocurrency?

We have always been known for proactively challenging ourselves at Sara Grech, in the hopes of pushing the Real Estate industry in Malta forward. Currently, we have been operating for 37 years, have 1952 listings and 100000+ contacts, hence the importance of providing extensive options of payment methods for our clients and consumers in today’s market.

If you would like to buy one of our properties with crypto and are looking for an easy and safe way, you need to first become a client of our partner XEROF. Which you can do online here, in three easy steps.

XEROF is a licensed Swiss exchange for cryptocurrency that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum & Tether. With XEROF you can instantly convert your cryptocurrency to fiat, and they will settle the exchanged fiat currency directly with us. This allows for a seamless complete real estate transaction, without the need to transfer funds through multiple intermediaries. Contact us for more information or to get in contact with XEROF, visit

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for real estate purchases?

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether are all accepted by XEROF to facilitate your property purchase. Bitcoin is the most well-known and widely used blockchain technology, with a strong track record of stability and security. Ethereum is another popular choice among investors, known for its fast transaction speeds and innovative smart contract capabilities. Tether is also a cryptocurrency that offers a level of stability and predictability, making it an appealing option for those looking to use their crypto to buy property.

Can you pay your rent with cryptocurrency?

Rent payments with cryptocurrency are a considerable innovation opportunity for Real Estate. Although we don’t accept cryptos as payment for rental properties yet, it’s slowly evolving, so watch this space!

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