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October 18, 2022
3 min read

Opening the door of Sara Grech’s new rebrand

In the 37 years since Sara Grech’s take off, our mission has always remained the same; to deliver a service to our clients through great communication, dedication and transparency. 

Each and every experience along this garden-path of progress has served as a stepping stone towards this vision. We first made our mark in 1985, when Malta’s property market was dominated by a few major local players, capitalising on the high-demand that was triggered by a government-led social housing programme. 

Sara Grech tapped into this market boom and re-surfaced as a real estate agency offering a slick and refined experience for the middle classes in Malta. When a new opportunity arose to internationalise, we grabbed it with open arms; a first for both Sara Grech and the global giant, Engel and Völkers, who had never co-branded with another agent before. Also a first for Engel and Völkers to partner up with all three licences: residential, commercial and yachting.  

Now, we’re setting our sights on the future, applying all we’ve learnt along the way and officially rebranding under one name - Sara Grech - the agency that opens doors of opportunity. 

We wanted to connect more deeply with homeowners and investors, shifting the focus away from the transactional side of real estate. Moving homes or searching for your next investment property can be an incredibly stressful experience, with hours spent trying to find that golden needle in the haystack. 

This rebrand is about positioning Sara Grech as the selective agency of choice, with a killer portfolio that has been carefully researched and curated to unlock opportunity for first time buyers, families, entrepreneurs and investors. 

Branding that’s both new & familiar

Our new look and feel, has combined what’s fresh and modern in the world of branding with an icon and colour palette that softens and comforts. The messaging builds on a certain warmth and sentimentality that has always existed in our process, setting a tone of opportunity over operations.

"It feels somewhat familiar and reassuring, whilst at the same time creatively captures our next phase in growth. Brands have always had to evolve to remain desirable, and we want to stay relevant in an ever changing property market and for people’s changing property needs."

Sara Grech, Founder & CEO.

Since our inception, the team behind Sara Grech have worked tirelessly to help people reach their property goals. Now, we have the experience and knowledge to take it further. Our new logo - an elegant reworking of the traditional Maltese door - situates the brand within our local community and celebrates the possibilities of high quality residential and commercial real estate in Malta. 

In many ways, this is a fresh start, but in others this is just another door opening in Sara Grech’s journey. 

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