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December 21, 2022
4 min read

Is it possible to be a parent and build a successful career in Real Estate?

Today’s working parents have a new set of expectations. The image of a mother or father juggling a phone call with their child balanced on their hip, and the family dog leash in the other hand, might seem aspirational; but this “always on” mentality can quickly lead to burn out.

The freedom to set your own schedule whilst keeping up with the joys and challenges of raising kids, can make real estate a perfect job option for parents.

However, we won’t sugarcoat the hard work that’s needed to establish a career as an agent.

The art of creating a healthy work-life balance

Drawing a clear line between the professional and the personal can help with achieving balance in your everyday life. Working flexibly as an agent allows you to focus your energy and attention to the task at hand, whether that’s spending time with your kids, going for a run or selling the dream of a place to call home.

Our founder & CEO, Sara Grech, has shared her approach to creating a healthy-work life balance, “When I open the office door I work, when I open my front door at home, I am mum. I think my method of being able to compartmentalise the two helped me achieve my daily goals.

The time I spent with my children was without distraction, so if I was with them, I was really with them. But the time invested in my work was also 110%. If I ever had moments of doubt, I reminded myself that my work was what enabled me to give my kids a fulfilling life, free of want or need, which is one of my greatest achievements today.”

Whilst a lot of the skills needed to be a successful parent and agent overlap (multi-tasking, great organisation and even better negotiation skills!), you can still create clear boundaries between your work and home life. Working as an agent gives you that flexibility to create blocks of time when you are available to work and blocks of time when you can’t, so you can fully invest your time and energy as both an agent and a parent. Working 9-5 isn’t for everyone, so flexible work might be the right path for you.

Take advantage of hybrid working

Life as an estate agent is on-the-go, so you can take advantage of working remotely when possible. For instance, instead of meeting with clients at the office, you can schedule an online meeting or attend a viewing on-site and then continue to update property listings from home.

This gives you more time by eliminating your commute and helping you to make the 3pm school pickup.

Establishing good connections and relationships is also a key part of being an agent, and those conversations usually happen outside of the office. Being a parent can be a key networking tool; meeting other parents through your kids’ school or playgroups, means that you can be on-hand to help when they need new homes.

Join an established agency

If you do want to get started in real estate as a parent, joining a team and working under an already successful agent will give you a lot more flexibility than trying to do it all by yourself.

Established estate agents will have more opportunities for growth and development, offer comprehensive workplace benefits, and have access to larger platforms and a wider pool of contacts, making it a lot easier to network and sell properties.

At Sara Grech, we recognise potential when we see it and will welcome you into the fold and accommodate your schedule and needs as a parent. We provide the opportunity for all individuals to thrive in an incentive driven career with unlimited potential. Our people are recognised for being hard working, highly motivated and ambitious. So, if you’re a parent or just lead a more hectic lifestyle, check out our flexible job opportunities or get in touch with us.

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