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Mandy Farrell Agius

Accounts Administrator

Mandy joined Sara Grech Ltd in 2008, it was her first job after she finished her diploma in business at Mcast. From that time onwards she always showed passion for her work and for that reason throughout the years she always stepped up in her roles. Mandy is always eager to learn and she is always looking to learn new things. She is always determined in reaching her goals and always there to take the right steps and advice on where she can do better. Mandy gives her full support to her colleagues. For her they are her customers and customers need to always be happy.  

Mandy's role model is her father, she treasures the values that he had taught her through the years and she loves to consult and listen to his opinion before taking the next step. Mandy is married and is a mother of 2 children, Blake and Faith. Her life revolves around them, she does whatever possible to keep them happy and to provide for them the right values and environment. They are her pride and joy. Outside work apart from taking care of her children, she is also an animal lover, she has 2 cats and 2 dogs of her own. She also likes to keep her life busy and is always on the hunt for what she can learn more so she likes to follow courses online. Thanks to the support of her husband, mother and father she manages to get everything done.

Mandy considers Sara Grech Ltd part of her life apart from the company itself which she treasures like it was her own. Mandy considers Sara Grech as her second mother throughout the years working here Sara was always there for her and always found ways to teach her and make her step up in life and in her career. Mandy knows that if she ever finds herself in difficulty or needs advice Sara is always there to help her, guide her and support her.

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