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June 26, 2024
2 min read

What is a semi-detached property?

A semi detached property, also known as a semi-detached house or a duplex, is a type of residential residence that shares one common wall with an adjacent property, while each unit has its own separate entrance and typically its own yard space. Semi Detached properties are commonly found in urban and suburban areas and are often designed to resemble detached homes in appearance.

Key Features of Semi Detached Properties:

1. Shared Wall:  Semi Detached properties are characterised by a shared wall that separates two individual units. This shared wall provides structural support and serves as a boundary between the neighbouring properties.

2. Separate Entrances:  Each unit in a semi detached property has its own separate entrance, allowing residents to enjoy privacy and independence.

3. Yard Space: While semi detached properties share a common wall, they typically have their own yard space, either in the front, back, or both, providing outdoor areas for residents to enjoy.

4. Parking: Semi Detached properties often come with dedicated parking spaces, either in the form of driveways, carports, or garages, providing convenient parking options for residents.

Advantages of Semi Detached Properties:

1. Affordability:  Semi Detached properties are often more affordable than detached homes, making them an attractive option for first-time buyers or those looking to enter the housing market at a lower price point.

2. Privacy:  Despite sharing a common wall, semi detached properties offer a level of privacy that may be lacking in attached housing such as townhouses or condominiums, as each unit has its own separate entrance and living spaces.

Semi Detached properties offer a unique blend of affordability, privacy, and community living, making them an attractive housing option for a wide range of buyers or renters. Whether you're looking for your first home or considering downsizing, semi detached properties provide a versatile and appealing choice in today's real estate market. Contact us if you’re looking for a semi detached property! We will most definitely find a perfect match.

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